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Discover Organic Lifestyle

Discover Organic Lifestyle

Let us introduce to you Organic Lifestyle, our organic product partners.  Organic lifestyle has a retail store in Toronto which offers many organic options to help make your life greener and safer.  You can find furniture, clothing, kitchen supplies, baby supplies and much more!  We can honestly say that having an organic rubber mattress has improved our sleep quality, the organic bedding is softer, our bathroom looks better with the natural hemp curtains and we’re pleased to say that we’ve stocked our baby’s nursery with many of these organic items too (rubber crib mattress, receiving blankets and more).

Here’s a little fun and yet informative article from Organic Lifestyle – read and learn more about what lies beneath you beyond your sheets.

She says: “We need a new mattress!”

He says: “Those space age memory foam mattresses are pretty cool. Let’s get one of those!”

She says: “But they’re SO smelly – I’d rather prefer to pass out naturally rather than from toxic gasses! In fact, even conventional innerspring mattresses can off-gas PBDEs, VOCs and formaldehyde.”

He says: “VOCs and PBDEs! OMG!”

She says: “Ha-ha, very funny. For the same price of an conventional mattress, we could get an organic mattress! An Organic Wool Innerspring might be a good option for us – wool acts as a natural fire retardant and helps regulate body temperature and absorbs moisture….Or Natural Foam Rubber mattress which is dustmite resistent and provides plenty of “give”.  Wool or Foam Latex Rubber allergy? Try Naturepedic.

He says: “Let’s watch out the Mattress Video Demos or test the mattresses for springy-ness at theToronto Retail Store!”

FREE pillow promotion – get a free pillow with a purchase of select Organic Lifestyle branded organic mattresses:

  • Twin mattress – get 1 free shredded standard size pillow
  • Full size – get 2 free shredded standard size pillows
  • Get Queen size mattress – get 2 free shredded queen size pillows
  • King size – get 2 free shredded king size pillows
  • Excludes Naturepedic brand
  • Also, includes curb side shipping.

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