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Breast Health – Part 1 of 5

Breast Health - Part 1 of 5





Breasts – they come in all shapes and sizes.

No matter what shape you’ve been blessed with, it’s important to nurture them for you and future generations. In this five part series, we’ll explore simple strategies encompassing lifestyle, dietary, supplemental, environmental and spiritual ways to nurture your breasts.

The challenge: 150 hours of sauna detox.

Sweating helps eliminate the body’s toxin burden from environmental toxins. Why is this important? One hour of sweating in a sauna a week eliminates chemicals stored in your fat cells! (That’s right, those parabens and phlalates in our cosmetics find a home in your fat cells.)

As an added benefit, eliminating these toxins now means that they won’t end up in our children’s mouths through breast milk later. (Don’t do sauna detoxification if you are pregnant or breast feeding.)

You can use any sauna. All that matters is that you sweat!

For more information on the topics discussed contact Dr. Emily FitzGerald, ND at drfitzgerald@mypurebalance.ca

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