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Boost Your Brain: Simple, Natural Approaches To Maintaining Your Memory

Boost Your Brain: Simple, Natural Approaches To Maintaining Your Memory

The rates of Alzheimer’s disease have been rising over the last 10 years. Many experts fear that our healthcare system will be over-burdened in the coming years by a baby boomer generation affected by cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s dementia. Conventional and pharmacological approaches have shown limited benefits. There are a number of safe, natural, and effective approaches that can be used to prevent, slow and even reverse cognitive decline. The following are 6 key points to keep your memory sharp and brain healthy.
Eat a heart healthy diet
Research has shown that your brain and cardiovascular health are related.  Eliminate or reduce trans and saturated fats and refined sugars to improve the health of your blood vessels and balance your blood sugar. Shift your focus onto including healthy foods and not just reducing unhealthy ones. Increases your intake of healthy fats, which include omega 3 fish oils, nuts and seeds and olive oil. Also aim for 5 or more servings of colourful veggies a day
Eat less
Studies show memory and brain function improves if your total caloric intake is reduced. The brain functions more efficiently if you lower the amount of calories you eat everyday by about 30%. This will also help you balance your blood sugar and lose extra weight.
The body and mind connection
Staying physically active improves memory and mental function. Benefits are found after about 20 minutes of light to moderate exercise a day. The key to exercise is not high intensity but rather consistency month after month. This may be one of the most effective ways to not just improve your memory but to boost your heart health and mood.
Use it or lose it
Keep your brain active with meaningful relationships, interactions and brainteasers. Puzzles and games are great tools to help prevent memory loss and keep you sharp. Online games found on websites such as lumosity.com are a great interactive resource.
Maintain optimal nutrient levels
Key vitamins and nutrients are essential to the health of your brain and memory. Make sure you have adequate levels of B-vitamins, vitamin D and antioxidants to protect your brain. Talk to your healthcare provider to help measure your levels.
Supplements to boost your brain
Finally, once you have put in place the above points there are a number of safe and possibly effective natural supplement options. Some of most promising compounds include acetyl L-carnitine, curcumin, and DHA (from fish oil). The most effective strategy is to talk to a qualified naturopathic physician about a supplement plan that is best for you.  For more information about a personalized brain health plan contact pureBalance Wellness Centre for more information.

Dr. Paul Hrkal, ND
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3 Comments to Boost Your Brain: Simple, Natural Approaches To Maintaining Your Memory

  1. Thanks for sharing this very informative article on how to stay healthy and prevent cognitive decline.

  2. Christina

    From my experience, I see we need to engage our brain in the certain situation that it works and improve its performance. I stumbled on reading about Spaced repetition and apply this by using studying method with flashcard and it is effective. Luckily, I found Superflashcard to help me take advantage of the method and save my time so much. so, we should use some technique like this app to improve our memory

  3. Dr Paul Hrkal

    Thanks for sharing Christina. Brain building exercises are a very important part of maintaining your memory. We suggest them to patients as part of a nutritional and supplemental plan.

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