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5 Tips to Treat Your Cold & Flu the Natural Way

5 Tips to Treat Your Cold & Flu the Natural Way

Cold and flu season is here, yes you heard me, get ready for a busy winter. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that this winter will be a long, cold with a lot of snow.  Winters like this mean people will be staying indoors therefore increasing their exposure to people at work and at home carrying the cold or flu virus.  There is no escaping, unless you decide to try some of our natural ways to prevent and treat a stubborn cold and flu.

By far the best strategy is prevention, in among the 5 tips you will find something that will work for you.

1.     Stop Your Sugar Intake: Sugar is an immune killer, studies have shown that sugar depresses the immune system between 4-6 hours.  During this time your body cannot fight the virus. Our society is a major sugar consumer, in order to give your body a fighting chance against any cold or flu, we suggest a major reduction of the sugar in your diet.

2.     Reduce your stress and get a good night sleep: Don’t sweat the small stuff, you have to forget about the stuff that is stressing you out.  Find constructive ways to diffuse a stressful thought.  Take up meditation, do yoga, write your feelings in a journal.  I like reading the book Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz, it re-focuses my thoughts.  Forget about those late nights in front of the TV or the computer, get to bed early.  Try to get to bed by 10pm and be up by 6am, that will give you a solid 8 hours of restful sleep.

3.     Herbs and Homeopathy: Here is a list of a few of our favourite cold and flu products to consider. EchinAce by St Francis Herbs, Deep Immune by St Francis Herbs, Pascoleucyn by Pascoe, Muccoccocinum by Genestra,   Engystol by Heel, Gripp Heel by Heel.  We offer a monthly homeopathic flu shot, come by and speak with our professionals and find out what best fits your lifestyle; all of these products are available at our clinic.

4.     Increase your Vegetable Intake: Eat your vegetables! That’s what mom used to say and guess what? Mom was right! Vegetables have minerals like zinc, selenium, and magnesium that are necessary for a healthy immune system. Vegetables also have vitamins like vitamin C that also boosts the immune system.  Just think about it, if you eat all those vegetable you won’t need to eat all that sugar.

5.     Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc: These vitamins are often underrated when it comes to daily consumption for the prevention of a cold or a flu. These are the key vitamins that are needed to boost your immune.  A diet full of sugary foods will create a deficiency in these vitamins, therefore decreasing your immune response to a cold or a flu.  Put 4-6 grams of vitamin C in your diet daily.

With no cure in sight for the cold or the flu, many popular natural treatments can at best bring symptom relief, decrease the intensity and shorten the duration of a cold.

By: Dr. Elias Markou, ND – Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for health tips on the go.

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